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Acropolis of Athens- An epitome of classical spirit & civilization

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Modern Civilization has a lot to thank the Ancient Greeks for. Greece is the birthplace of democracy & source of some of the greatest literature, architecture, science & philosophy in Western Civilization. Greece history is preserved even in the smallest piece of land that relates a connection to the past. All around the country & the islands there are ancient sites of various historical periods- from remains of ancient Greek temples to monasteries & mansions.


Among the various destinations in Greece, Athens, one of the most ancient cities on the European continent has gained the top notch popularity among visitors. The capital of Greece is renowned for its long history & amazing sightseeing. A trip to Greece is incomplete without a visit to Athens. The plethora of architectural beauty & spectacular views in the capital fascinates tourist from all round the world.

Out of its many wonders the Acropolis Athens & its monuments are universal symbols of the classical spirit & civilization. Deemed as the epitome of Athens & Greece and indeed of Western civilization, the Acropolis is a rocky mound that stands tall in the heart of modern Athens.


The gleaming view of its white Pentelic marble monuments in the midday sun offers a stupendous opportunity to adore its beauty. The monuments gradually take on a honey hue as the sun sinks while at night they stand brilliantly illuminated above the city. The mesmerizing glimpse of this phenomenal sight cannot fail to exalt your spirit.

The magnificent structure of Acropolis Athens is crowned by various magnificent temples dating from the 5


th century BC. These are:

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