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Athens – A Heady Mix of Grace and Melody

Athens is Greece’s largest city and renowned for Acropolis (ancient citadel) and Parthenon (former temple). It is blessed with rich cultural and historic heritage. In addition to that, Athens is a home to first known democracy.

Athens has an exuberant and coruscating cultural scene throughout the year! Events at Athens offer you magical & ethereal nights, full of music, theatre and dance. The Greek calendar for September is full of cultural festivals.


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Here are some of the ethnic carnivals that are about to take place at this ancient city:

  1. Events occurring at Acropolis Museum: The splendid archaeological museum is located on the slope of Acropolis hill. The museum is renowned to hold special events throughout the summer to enrich the experience of visitors. It incorporates guided tours, musical interludes and archaeological artefact on exhibit on a temporary basis. Mentioned below are some of the honorary events.

a. Harp melodies: The restaurant offers live harp music to the visitors every Monday to Thursday, from 1 pm to 4 pm. You can invigorate your coffee or lunch while listening to the mesmerizing harp being played by Thodoris Matoulas. Apply for Greece Visa Online now to experience the glittering magic of harp. 

b. Jazz Friday nights: On Fridays, the museum is open until midnight & offers special epicure choices & mesmerizing views of Acropolis. One can have the magical experience of taking dinner while some of the best Jazz musicians perform at the Acropolis restaurant. You can contact the restaurant reception beforehand to get the Friday night reservations done. However, if you do not wish to dine, restaurant welcomes you for a dessert without reservation.


2. Traditional Greek Dancing at the Dora Stratou Theatre: The Theatre has been named after famous Greek Folklorist, Dora Stratou who made a notable contribution to Greek Folk dancing and music. This open-air 800-seat theatre is situated on Philopappou hill, opposite to Acropolis. The daily performances include a company of 75 dancers, musicians and folk singers. Each performance lasts for 90 minutes without intermission. You can discover fascinating and intriguing side of Greek heritage as you watch the stunning performance showcasing country’s rich culture.

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