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Corfu Town A Timeless Greek Island

The beautiful Corfu Town located off the Greece’s northwest coast on the Ionian Islands, ranks among one of the most charming & romantic places of Greece. From imposing buildings to elegant mansions, from superb palaces to beautiful fortresses & French-styled flowered squares, from rugged mountains to resort-studded shoreline, Corfu Town has a remarkable glamour, ethos & aura that makes one remember the beguiling Italian Town of Naples.

The Corfu Town Greece is blessed with luxuriant interiors, pristine shoreline & unique rock formations. Its proximity & history with the mainland Europe, numerous accommodation options, restaurants & bars add to the glory of this ancient Greek town. This seraphic destination of Greece delights countless visitors every year with its mesmerizing cultural heritage & elegant Italianate architecture.


Here is a list of some renowned crowd-pleasers of Corfu Town Greece that you shouldn’t miss on your trip to Greece.

  • Old Fortress of Corfu Town: The Old Fortress of Corfu Town is a Venetian fortress that was built after the old town of Corfu was destroyed by invaders in 6th The entire east end of Corfu Town has been occupied by the Old Fortress. The massive bastions are a genuine masterpiece of military architecture of the old times. A historical archive inside the fortress houses more than 6 centuries of Corfu history. The Fortress now is being used as a Public Library of Corfu, housing rare manuscripts & editions.

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