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Greece: A hub of Cultural events and Music Festivals

Festivals are important part of ancient Greek culture. The Greek calendar is chock-full of festivals and celebrations all round the year. The plethora of small and large festivals and events is a driving force for millions of visitors to travel to this small corner of Europe. To relish the celebrations and festivity treasures of this amazing city apply Greece visa now.

The rich history and varied landscape of Greece renders it a breath taking tourist attraction around the globe. The city has gained immense popularity for its appealing and out of the ordinary fiestas. Here we have compiled a series of mesmerizing upcoming events and festivals in this dream destination.

  1. Greek Jewelry Show (GJS): Women’s penchant for jewelry is known from ages. Men no longer lag in the race and are equally fascinated by fancy and classical ornaments. To cherish the astounding collection of fashion accessories, lapidary, gift merchandise, beads, antique & estate beads, glass, gemstone, crystal, jewellery, lampwork, seed beads, buttons, pearls, and more apply Greece visa and grace the occasion of Greek Jewelry Show (GJS) with your presence. This jewelry show is scheduled from 28th-30th September 2018 and brings to you the exhilarating opportunity to find wholesale and retail jewelry with intricate designs that will hold its viewers in a trance.
  2. Corfu Beer Festival: Corfu Beer Festival is a 5 day event scheduled from 26th-30th September 2018 in Arillas, Greece. Unlike other beer festivals around the world, Corfu Beer festival is a blend of different cultural events and celebrations that aims to encourage local businesses and products. This annual celebration is a new move that attempts to connect original products and services of the island with tourism. It is a social event that brings in the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience among producers and entrepreneurs with neighboring countries.This food, culture, and know-how celebration is all about Tasting flavors, singing and having fun.
  3. Athens Coffee Festival: It is a three day event being held from 29th September to 1st October 2018 at the Technopolis in Athens, Greece. This event showcases Green coffee varieties, Tea & beverages, Espresso machines & coffee grinders, Equipment for home baristas, Automatic coffee machines etc. On this festive occasion, the region is flooded with tantalizing coffee aromas, cafeterias and coffee lovers. The celebration also hosts rich events that go in parallel with the gala. This includes concerts of well-known artists, DJ sets, competitions and much more.

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