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Relive the spirit of Easter resurrection in Greece

Easter is the traditional Christian festival. Overhead the nation, it is a major holy weekend of the doctrinal church followed by rituals & cultures.

Something positively outstanding in Patmos, that divine fire is carried straight from Jerusalem.


Devoted Christians all across Greece accompany the holy week custom earnestly, with body & soul toward the acme of the intensity of Christ & ultimately exulting in his revival.

This is where the culture deviates by the province in Greece. Fascinating people give up the flesh in their intake for 40plus heydays. The lamps are set off at the Mid-night & the clergyman declares that Christ has emerged from the dead. With tiny altar luminosity, the entire church brightens by the radiance of candles.


Through the blow of twilight, the clergyman utters the Paschal litany stating Christ has risen from the dead and is so doing his bruised on dying and to those in toms he has provided life.

Later intone by priest is over suddenly the church bells chimes into the festival, dazzling fireworks go off. People embrace each other gracefully with a talk that Christ has risen which is replied to with truly he has risen.


Later everyone departs for their homes with ignited candles, where they ascertain the crucifix thrice over the door to bless trees & pasture beasts.

Maximum people unless staying at home proceeds to nearby restaurants for traditional dish of margerista, a lush green soup created with the organs of the lamb which than will be roasted the next day. Cutting their 40 days lent which started amidst the end of Apokries.


Throughout the dates of fasting, there is a peaceful and dull humor hovering amongst the Greece people as the centennial of the demise of their Lord gradually trails near. This significant week of the Easter in Greece conventional religion is the week prior to Easter Sunday, also introduced to as a religious week.

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