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Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2019 | Thessaloniki, Greece

The 60th Edition of the globally acclaimed Thessaloniki International Film Festival is coming to Greece in November 2019. It is going to be as grand and fierce as ever! Once again, a large number of Greek & International artists will gather in Thessaloniki, the arts city of Greece, to compete & showcase their talents & expertise.

For 10 complete days, the thrilling atmosphere of Cinematography takes over the city & adds an everlasting touch of glamour to it. The city of Thessaloniki is transformed to a place of discovery as people from around the world visit Greece to celebrate the global independent cinema.


The Thessaloniki International Film Festival (TIFF) ranks amongst the most prestigious film festivals that are held across the Southern Europe. People from around the world visit Greece every November with the motive of meeting internationally renowned directors & actors. This international film festival features international films, cinematic surprises, notable guests, workshops, panel discussions & sidebar events. In addition to that, film festival Thessaloniki features a myriad of screenings & other activities to suit the palate of audience of all the ages.

The 59th Edition of the renowned TIFF was held from 1st November – 11th November 2018.


History of Thessaloniki International Film Festival:

The distinguished TIFF was launched in year 1960 as Thessaloniki Film Festival. The first edition of the festival revolved exclusively around Greek Festivals as a modest Week of Greek Cinema.


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