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Tinos Island – Paradise on Earth!

Welcome to Tinos Island!

When talking about the Greek islands, Mykonos & Santorini are the names that conjure up the mind! Islands like this magnetizes up to two million of tourists every year during summer months. However, apart from these, there are 227 inhabited islands out of the total 6,000 in Greece. Since, the popular Greece destinations continue to overload with tourists, you can enjoy comfortable & luxurious hospitality elsewhere. Tinos Greece is one such island! All you need is a Greece visa & fly!


Well, before embarking your Greece tourism, shall we begin our exploration of Tinos Greek Island!

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Located on the northern side of Cyclades group of islands, Tinos Island is one of the most alluring islands! You can take any of the Greek ferries to explore its beautiful sandy beaches, minimal Cycladic architectures and traditional villages. Apart from the scenic beauty, the atmosphere will definitely capture your heart!

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