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Top 5 Scrumptious Greek Cuisine that you must try in Greece

Ever wondered what makes Greece one of the world’s leading tourist destinations? Eminent for being home to the planet’s significant historical sites, myriad of long sandy beaches, incredible weather & fascinating culture, Greece draws millions of travel enthusiasts every year.

Visitors to Greece are enticed by its mesmerizing natural beauty, pristine golden stretches & incredible culinary segment.


Influenced by both, Eastern & Western Culture, Greece offers a wide range of scrumptious & unique food delights. Greek cuisines are typically hearty & involve the usage of fresh vegetables, olive oil, fish, meat, wine & grains.

Planning for a wonderful vacationing with family? Probably, Greece is the ideal destination for you. Get your Greece Visa materialized & add flavor to your holidaying in Greece with traditional & Modern Greek cuisine.


Insight into the Fascinating History of Greek Cuisines

The lavish culinary tradition of Greek Cuisines dates back to some 4,000 years & is a significant part of Greek history & culture. The varied geographical definitions & seasons greatly impact the flavors of Greek cuisine.


Over the several millennia, Greek cuisine has evolved & absorbed influences from different people’s cuisines that Greeks have interacted with.

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Historically, Greek Cookery is considered as the antecedent of the Western Cuisines & has intriguingly expanded its culinary influence throughout Europe & beyond.

The renowned dishes of the ancient Greek include lentil soup, Fasolada, Retsina & Pasteli, Loukaniko, Feta Cheese & Paximadi.


Top 5 Greek Cuisines That You Must Try:

The secret of the lavish Greek Cookery is found in the homegrown gardens. Basic ingredients of the Greek Cuisine such as feta cheese & olive oil are often produced in the homes across Greece. Other basic ingredients include olive oil, feta, herbs, bread, yogurt, wheat & barley.


The regional produce & distinct cooking styles greatly impact taste & flavor of Greek cuisines.

Undertake a culinary adventure as you travel across this charming country with a Visa to Greece. We have hand-picked 5 Greek Cuisines that should try on your visit to Greece:

1). Frutalia Omelette (Greek Omelette): The Frutalia refers to a purely traditional method of Greek cookery that is associated with the beautiful Greek Island, Andros, located in the Greek Cyclades. This unique Greek Omelette is prepared with freshly sliced potatoes & country sausages. It can be prepared in a pan or baked in an oven. You may find customized versions of this mouth-watering Greek Omelette as people often add fresh oregano, marjoram, zucchini & fresh broad beans to add to its taste.


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